Red, Blue or Green
Thursday, October 4 at 5:30 pm
WHAT IS THIS ‘HAIR-BRAINED” IDEA? If SunCoast MCC raises $10,000 by October 4, 2018, Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson will dye her hair. Will it be a lovely shade of Red? Or Blue? Or Green? Pick a color. You help decide!

With every donation you make, you can vote on the hair color Reverend Nancy’s hair should be dyed! Click here to make a donation and pick a color To Vote and Make a Donation 

We get to have some fun with Reverend Nancy and at the same time raise money for the ongoing operations of our church. To learn which hair color had the most votes and what funds were collected — checkout the Weekly SunCoast News (E-Clips) and updates provided during Sunday Services. Join this fun-filled event.

Metropolitan Community Church