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Sun Coast Wind Ensemble Presents:

“Broadway and the Silver Screen”

The Sun Coast Wind Ensemble (SCWE) will perform a concert entitled “Broadway and the Silver Screen” on Friday, March 22nd at 2 p.m. at SunCoast Cathedral MCC, 3276 E Venice Ave. (intersection of Jackson Rd.), Venice.  Ms. Lynn Cleary is the new director and brings many years of music teaching experience to the ensemble.  This musical journey will take you to places and times of passion, beauty and historical significance.

Featured on the program will be a selection of tunes from the musical, “Miss Saigon.”  This show, based upon Puccini’s opera, “Madame Butterfly,” takes place during the closing days of the Vietnam war and highlights the tragic interaction between an American GI and a Vietnamese bar girl.

On a much lighter note we’ll take a trip to Disney for a visit with Aladdin of magic lamp fame, Ariel the mermaid and the beast who must earn a girl’s love in order to be transformed back into a prince.

The strong themes of “Les Miserables” will be sure to conjure up the images of love amongst political strife in France just after the revolution.

“Dances with Wolves” tells the story of a young soldier in the American west who adopts the ways of Native Americans, falls in love, but must make a profound decision as the wide-open west rapidly disappears.

We are sure you will love these selections and many more as we re-visit the silver screen and Broadway stage.

The Sun Coast Wind Ensemble is comprised of a group of musicians from surrounding towns and counties.  Musicians from Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood and Arcadia combine their talents to form this talented concert band.

The hall is air conditioned.  Admission to the concert is $5, payable at the door.


Response to United Methodist Decision…

Response to United Methodist Decision

A Loving Note From
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson and Rev. Vickie Miller
United Methodists Fail Their Membership
and Their Origins, say Local Senior Co-Pastors of
SunCoast Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)
When John and Charles Wesley started the Methodist Church, they reached out to those who were marginalized by the established church of the day – the poor, those who were struggling with addiction, who had been excluded. They offered a gospel of unconditional love, took the side of abolitionists, addressed social evils of their time. 
Today, the “United” Methodist Church, out of step with other mainstream churches in the US, took a step backwards, and shut the door on LGBTQ people and their families and allies in the church.  They missed the great opportunity to embrace their own members and ministers with justice and inclusion, to make room for those who are still stigmatized in the wider culture.
“As a former Methodist myself, I am grateful today for the opportunities Metropolitan Community Church has offered me for more than four decades,” said Rev. Nancy Wilson, who is also the former global Moderator of the denomination. “I grieve for my friends, colleagues and family who are devastated by this decision.”
Rev. Vickie Miller commented, “Raised as an evangelical and a former Southern Baptist, I have always loved the Church, and it is painful to continue to see large Protestant Churches in the U.S. misrepresent God and the Bible
to be on the wrong side of history once again, further deepening a wedge.  
Because of open and affirming churches, such as Metropolitan Community Church, I learned the other side of the story of God’s love for us all.  No vote from any church will obstruct God’s all-inclusive, affirming love!”
As the oldest church in the world that was founded to serve the LGBT community, open to all people, we at SunCoast MCC offer our prayers and love to all United Methodists who are broken-hearted today, who have felt the doors slam shut. We pray for God to speak to them about their future – about carrying on the true meaning of that early Methodist movement.  All are welcome, without exception at any Metropolitan Community Church near you.  
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson | Rev. Vickie Miller
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As a welcoming, diverse and active community,
we share God’s love in a spiritual environment offering




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