Pastor’s Corner:  
Rev. Kelly Durbin
“Enough Is Enough…or Is It?”


Greetings SunCoast Cathedral MCC!
Sunday we spent some time examining the story of the Prodigal Son. We were each asked to
examine ourselves, how we think, feel and be-have to see which brother in the story we might relate to in some of our “not so better moments”.

The good news of course is that we do not have to continue to view our lives and more importantly “live” our lives from the perspective of either brother. Instead, we can understand and believe that we already have ALL that we need, God’s unconditional “hesed”; steadfast and faithful love. Once we get this truth down deep in our souls to the point we stop trying so hard to hold onto our resources like the older son, or we stop wasting our resources and breaking relationships like the younger, it is time for us to take things to the next level.It’s time for us to examine ways we can become more like the father. You see, we are indeed the hands or feet of Jesus in the world. Once we understand who we are, then it is up to us to be the father, mother, leader, teacher, preacher, or friend in whatever role we can to share the message of God’s steadfast and faithful love that pursues each of us all the days of our lives. Let me say it another way, it is not only up to us to share that message, it is up to us to be that message in the world, a living, tangible example for others of God’s love. We are to live that love out loud, giving it freely to others who so desperately need it! After all, Jesus was another living example of freely giving His unconditional love for us. Now it’s our turn. It’s time for us to pursue Christ and all of Christ’s ways for the betterment of ourselves and the world.

May it be so!

New Worship Leader


SunCoast Cathedral MCC would like to introduce our new worship leader, Deborah Opie. Here is a little about Deb in her own words…debdeop

“I have come to SunCoast Cathedral MCC to sing with you. I live in Osprey with my husband Glenn and I am a retired teacher. I was born in Miami and went to college at Boston State College where I met my husband. We have six children – five girls! and one boy. Glenn and I are blessed with eleven grandkids. I sing every Thursday at the Allegro Bistro up the street on Venice Ave. I am so grateful that I found your church. Please pray for me so that I can share with you God’s gift of song. See you soon, Deborah” 

Videos from General Conference Services

A Resource Posted by the Lay Delegates

There are so many valuable resources that are now available from our recent General Conference. These wonderful tools can help your congregation appreciate the value of being together as MCC in all our amazing diversity and commitment. Share at least one of the plenaries, worship services, or other resources from General Conference at your church or community in October. I would be honored if you would share my sermon, “Unshakeable Confidence,” for instance as a way to experience solidarity and encouragement for your congregation. CLICK HERE to view it.

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