Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministries

At SunCoast Cathedral MCC we have developed the reputation of being a “praying church” and we are honored by that designation.  From the founding of our church in 1995, through the displacement and our rebuilding, the fervent prayers of our congregation have been lifted and have truly been the sustaining force in our lives.  Because we understand the power of prevailing prayer, we offer a number of opportunities and invitations to be involved.  Listed below are the various Prayer Ministries we provide.

Prayer Vine

Whether you want to be a prayer steward for those in need or have a special request you need lifted up in prayer, the Prayer Vine is the place for you. For more information, please email us at

Prayer Circle

On the fourth Sunday of each month we offer a Prayer Circle for personal prayer and anointing.  Those in prayer ministry including pastors, deacons and the Prayer Vine members come together with those seeking an in depth, personal time of intercessory prayer.  Come to pray for your personal needs or offer prayer for others.  This is open to the church members as well as community at large.  Prayer begins 15 minutes after the Sunday Worship Service in the sanctuary.

Prayer Chest

The chest of community prayer is located in the lobby of the church.  It is available for prayers requests as well as thanksgivings (praise reports) during the week and prior to Sunday worship service.  Everyone is invited to write their prayer needs and place them in the Prayer Chest.  These needs and concerns will be prayed for during the time of communal prayer led by a worship leader.  In this way we come into relationship with our Creator and one another releasing God’s promises and love into our daily lives.  God knows what we have written and what is on our hearts as we lift them up in faith. This prayer time is a part of each Sunday worship service and is available to all who wish to participate.

Prayer, Share, Care

Every Sunday following worship, there is Prayer, Care, Share Minister scheduled to be present to pray with you.  They are readily identified by the purple stole and positioned next to the Votive Candle Stand by the Tree of Life on the East Wall in the Sanctuary.  Sometimes you may be stirred during worship and just need to have a few moments with someone before you leave campus.  Perhaps you felt the need for prayer during service, but were reluctant to go up for prayer after the sermon.  You are invited to avail yourself of this ongoing ministry.


Another opportunity to develop and experience prayer at SunCoast Cathedral are classes, seminars and workshops.  All are an ongoing part of the educational program of the church and are open to the congregation and whole community.  For scheduled classes and workshops please check the E-Clips and Cathedral Clippings.

Anointing and Blessings

There are as many kinds of prayer as there are needs.  They are all part of God’s healing power being released in our lives as well as in those for whom we pray.
We are encouraged to “pray with our spirit and with understanding.”  (1Corinthians 14:15).
“Is any sick among you?  Let them call for the elders of the church and let them pray over the sick one, anointing with oil in the name of the Lord.” (James 5:14)

Anointing with oil and prayers of blessing are offered at worship services, workshops, bible studies and other gatherings.  There is a prayer minister available after the Sunday worship service that will offer these prayers upon request.  Pastors, deacons and prayer intercessors will also provide this type of prayer for those in hospitals, homebound or other occasions and locations when the need occurs.

FMI on prayer at SunCoast MCC, please email us at

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