“One by One – Together!”


We are asking you to prayerfully covenant with God through SunCoast Cathedral MCC in six areas of your life:  Presence, Spiritual Growth, Prayer, Financial Support, Witness, and Service.  This program is designed to help us individually become better stewards in these spiritual areas of our lives.  As we do that and come together as the body of Christ, the church will be strengthened and grow as well.  There are posters displayed around the sanctuary demonstrating each of the six areas.

When you are ready to make that commitment, we ask that you fill out a commitment card and return it to the church or place it in the offering plate by February 19.  Our new administrator, Dorothy Bays, will keep track of the information for us, and we will place a rainbow ribbon on one of the posters representing each person who has made a commitment in that area.

Your Stewardship Team: Rev. Renae, Kathy H., Randy M., and Carla P.

For more information and for a copy of the commitment card, click on the link below.


You may make your offering or Tithe to SunCoast Cathedral MCC using Easy Tithe online.

Easy Tithe is our new online giving solution. It will allow anyone to give at any time and any where. EasyTithe allows us to receive your donations via the website, by the EasyTithe mobile app, by text and by kiosk.  Just click on the EasyTithe link below to set up your account.

Easy Tithe



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