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East Tithe and Taxes

To All Easy Tithe Users:
Each person needs to print out their own giving statements through easy tithe. They will not be reflected in the giving statements that were distributed for cash & checks in the giving plate.
Also, you should check your “schedules” in easy tithe, as many have expired because they were put in for 12 months. Delete that schedule and do a new one for this year. If you need help, ask Liz Bisordi or Ann Perry.

Guest, Rev. Robert Chase

Rev. Robert Chase
Rev. Robert Chase
Worship With Us This Sunday
January 21, 2018
Rev. Robert Chase
First Reading:
Jonah 3: 1-5, 10
Second Reading:  Mark 1: 14-20
“Disciples, Reluctant and Impulsive” 

BOOK SALE & SIGNING, GUEST PREACHER & AUTHOR, REV. BOB CHASE —   UCC Pastor and Rev. Nancy’s cousin joins us for service and book sale & signing of Beyond the Comma:  Life at the Intersection.


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