God is Grace MCC, Uganda

Our church has accepted the challenge of supporting an emerging MCC church in Uganda.  God is Grace MCC has a congregation of about 35 people of all ages and coming from diverse backgrounds.

We have twice sent them monies to pay for rent on a building for them to house their church safely.

At Christmas 2017 our congregation received the calling to contribute a gift of $225, to help them purchase carpeting for their floor.

Our missions team, led by Judy Marsh is meeting regularly to plan future support of this church.  We ask for prayer for this ministry, and for the congregation of God is Grace MCC as they worship in a safe environment filled with God’s love.

God is Grace MCC, in Uganda is being led by Senior Pastor Junior Jose.  He teaches science to students in school during the day.


Worship at God is Grace MCC, Uganda last Sunday, the 28th of February.

God , Overnight is help at God is Grace MCC to worship during Lent.






Feeding the Poor at God is Grace  January 2018

Recent communication via Facebook.
Maybe you could just answer the questions I have sent about subjects we want to discuss by writing me an answer.
Junior Jose
I stay in a one room
I think that would be also a good idea
Let me answer you
We have have families
We have all sorts of people including adults and youths
We have even little children in our Sunday school
We have a congregation of about 34 People
But they have reduced to about 28 because we have jiggers in the church
What needs does your congregation have?
Junior Jose
Our floor in the church is dusty it has no cement
So badly need to put cement in it
Junior Jose
We have electricity
And the church musical instruments we have all those
But now we need to put cement on the floor to control jiggers
Junior Jose
At the moment we bought a carpet to help us control the dust but it’s now old
Bibles we have them
Anything we can pray for your church?
Junior Jose
I got many bibles at seminary where I study from
Just pray for peace
Love among people since its an inclusive church
We welcome all sorts of people
Please let me know any taboo subjects we should not ever discuss for your security
Junior Jose
We even have Muslims who have converted to the Christian faith
Junior Jose
But those who know me well they know
Stephanie Parelli and his husband Jose Ortiz have been to God is grace mcc Uganda
They had a church service with us
I don’t know if you know them well.


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