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June 22, 2017

Worship With Us 
This Sunday
10am     June 25, 2017 
Preaching: Rev. Vickie Miller


“United in Prayer:  When you pray…”




Psalm 141:1-2,

Matthew 6:5-13
Welcome to one of the best open and affirming churches on the SunCoast.  
“Open” because our communion table is open to all.  
“Affirming” because we affirm that every person is a blessed creation of God 
and is welcome here.  
Come as You Are, Believing as You Do.



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Get It in Your Calendar
Highlights of What’s Coming Up 
at SunCoast Cathedral MCC
Saturday, June 24 — Prayer Breakfast
Monday, July 3 — Church Office Closed
Tuesday, July 4 — Independence Day — Church Office Closed Friday, July 7 — Movie and Discussion
 “The Shack”
Wednesdays, July 12,19, 26 — Outing the Bible – Rev. Nancy Thursday, July 13 — Bobbi’s Coffee Hour
Sunday, July 16 — Pot Luck Lunch – Memorial for Pat Moore
Beginning Tuesday, July 18 — Spiritual Practices 
– Rev. Vickie & Rev. Nancy
Wednesday, July 19 — Let’s Get Creative “Painting Clay Pots” 
Sunday, July 23 — Marsha Pino-Stevens
Bring a Friend to Church Sunday
Sunday, July 23 — Donate Fruit for VICA Dinner for Needy
Sunday, July 30 — Worship Leader Training


9-11am, Sat., June 24

The Stewardship Team invites you to join them for breakfast and a time of prayer for our facilities, grounds, and ministries. We will “pray up” each of our facilities and the ministries that happen within them. We will have the opportunity to walk the Holy Ground we know as SunCoast Cathedral MCC, and ask that all who enter be blessed. Plan now to join us for this powerful anointing time of prayer for our church.

Starting Sunday, June 25
Sermon Series on 
the Lord’s Prayer
by Rev’s Vickie & Nancy
United in Prayer
Sundays June 25,
July 2, 9, & 16
Jesus responded to the disciples’ request, “Teach us to pray,” with a prayer of incredible depth and meaning that connects us to God and others across the world and throughout history. 
Maybe you think you know this prayer that all Christians pray – but we believe you will be surprised, challenged and blessed by what we have discovered. 
In this preaching series, Rev. Nancy and Rev. Vickie will explore this timeless prayer, reawakening the truths and teachings within.


“The Shack”

Book Study Concludes June 28
6:30pm  Friday, July 7 
Movie and Discussion
See the book come alive in this moving and thought-provoking film.  You do not need to read the book to see and be inspired by this movie.  All are welcome.

Outing the Bible – 
Wednesdays at 6pm.
July 12, 19, 26
Week One: The Defense:  What about those “Clobber Passages?”  Learn the 5 simple arguments to counter the belief that the Bible is anti GLBT.
Week Two: The Offense: Are there LGBT or “gender queer” people in the Bible?  Does it matter?  The eunuch connections, prophesies and fulfillment, Jonathan and David.
Week Three:  The Offense:  Ruth and Naomi; New Testament characters and their sexuality.  What do scholars teach today about sexuality and the Bible, and why it matters. What does it mean to “queer” a passage of scripture, and learn how to do it!


Dinner Before Study — 5pm   $8 or $20 for all 3 weeks

Bobbi’s Coffee Hour
10am – 12n, Thursday, July 13
Join your SunCoast Family and friends from the community for a time of fellowship.  Share a cup of coffee and a snack as you enjoy conversation.
Everyone is welcome.

Pot Luck Luncheon   Memorial for Pat Moore
Following Service, Sunday, July 16
On Sunday, July 16, a Memorial Leaf will be added to the Tree of Life in memory of our dear friend Pat Moore.
Following service, there will be a potluck luncheon and a gathering of friends to share memories.   Join us as we share this time together.  Please sign up in the lobby indicating what dish you will bring to share.  Everyone is welcome.

Let’s Get Creative:  Painting Clay Pots 
  10am,  Wednesday  
July 19
Lorna continues to guide us in discovering our creative side.  We will be painting clay pots, making them into unique and colorful art pieces.  Then, in August, we will use duct tape to make bouquets of flowers to go into our clay pots.
For July 12, bring a clay (terra cotta) pot or vase.  Paints and brushes will be provided.

Bring a Friend to Church Sunday   July 23
Bring a neighbor, bring a co-worker, bring a family member — It’s BRING A FRIEND SUNDAY.  There will be a prize given to the person who brings the most guests. 


Marsha Stevens-Pino    10am, Sunday, July 23
Known for decades for the song “For Those Tears I Died” which she wrote as a school project, Marsha Stevens-Pino is one of the best known music evangelists in MCC.  Her music and her lifestory are an inspiration to all.  You won’t want to miss her.


Spiritual Practices – 
Tuesdays at 10 a.m.
July 18, 25, Aug. 1, 8, 15 and 22
Each week we will learn a new spiritual practice.  They will include such things as art reflections, contemplative Bible reading, labyrinth, mandalas, etc.
Lead by Rev. Vickie and Rev. Nancy


Line Dancing:  6:30pm, Mondays
Rainbow Paint
Rainbow AA: Open Meeting:  7:30pm, Tuesdays
NA Meeting: 8pm Tuesdays
Choir Practice: 7pm, Wednesday
Praise Band Practice: 8pm, Wednesday

Items of Interest

This area will list articles which have previously appeared in E-Clips and may still be of interest to you.  

For more information on any of these topics, 
click on the links below:
Prayer Wall: 
Prayer Wall
3 Ways to Support Your Church Financially: 
Support Your Church

We are going to update the Pillars Program display board soon; so now is a great time to sign up to become a Pillar. The Pillars Program is a major source of underwriting the mortgage of our wonderful facility. It is giving that is over and above financial support of the general fund. There are brochures located in the foyer of the church. Pick one up, fill it out, and put it in the offering plate or turn it in to the church office. Please prayerfully consider becoming a SunCoast Pillar; we need you.


For information on everything that’s happening in March, check out the THRIVE
monthly calendar on our website and facebook page.  Here’s the link: 

On Line Giving Now Available 
For more information, click below:

Bottlecaps can be used for benches, trash containers, and other great outdoor furniture.  All bottlecaps we collect will go to Brenna’s school, where they will be added to  bottlecaps from all across the area!  Put them in the bear in the fellowship hall.
Please, no metal bottle caps.

What’s Happening in the Denomination
This section will include articles/items of interest from MCC Churches.  If you are aware of an item that should be included, please let us know.


Virtual General Conference Vote Results:
The Motion Passes to Increase Rates for Contributions to the UFMCC USA Pension Plan
Thank you to everyone who thoughtfully and prayerfully considered their votes. The Board of Pensions will now move forward with planning based on these results to ensure the good stewardship of the pension fund now and in the future. 

That each MCC affiliated congregation in the United States provide investment contributions to the MCC Pension Plan according to the following schedule:

2018 — $1.00, per member, per month
2019 — $1.25, per member, per month
2020 — $1.50, per member, per month
2021 — $1.75, per member, per month

Thereafter, beginning in 2025, the rate of investment will be adjusted every 5 years, up or down, based on inflation or deflation of the US Dollar.

MCC Board of Pensions

Learn more about the rate increase online:





God of love who made us in your own image,

We thank you for the diverse tapestry of your creation.

With the stars, moon, sun, and sky,

            We praise you in glory and uncertainty.

With the flowers that bloom with vigor and fragrance,

            We strive to live our lives as brilliantly and beautifully as we can.

With the leaves that turn from green to yellow, orange, and red,

            We marvel at the stunning power of change.

God, today be with us as we dwell in the tension between peace and conflict,

            Love and loss, birth and death.

Grant us opportunities to be your voice of justice and mercy today.

Allow us to notice ways you are present in our world.

Challenge us to find you in difficult people and places.

With the breath between our lips that cools upon entry and warms upon exit,

            Bind us together as a global community that works in your name.

As we start our day, we offer these prayers of our hearts:

          For the tasks of our day and the people in our lives…

          For Metropolitan Community Churches…

          For our global community…

God, hold these prayers in your tenderness and grant us assurance

that you are at work within, around, and between us.


prayer submitted by:


MCC Conference Coordinator and Divinity Student at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC


If you are interested in submitting a prayer for consideration, 
let Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson know

Mark Your Calendars Now!
Plan to attend the 2017 Women’s Conference
at Church of the Trinity MCC, Sarasota


Since 1998, the MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends and Advocates has been a landmark MCC event that is rooted in the African-American cultural experience.
The MCC PAD Conference really is for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality.
 Everyone is invited to come share in and experience the richness of African-American culture.
For Details and for Information of How to Help Sponsor the Conference, click the link below:

The mission of SunCoast Cathedral MCC stretches far beyond the walls of our sanctuary.  Let’s get out and be a visible presence in the greater community and we share these events with our brothers and sisters.

Sound Fusion 

with Carol Hall & Ed Russell

Fri, Jun 23, 2017

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

This month Special Guest Bernice Jiminez will join Carol and Ed to set the tone for a sacred sound meditative journey with multiple gongs, lap harp, crystal bowls & crystal pyramids, tuning forks, didgeridoo, shruti box, chimes and hand pan drum. Carol will briefly sing Light Language channeled from the Celestial & Angelic realms to anchor higher consciousness specific to those in attendance.
Please bring an open heart, water bottle, pillow, yoga mat or blankets to lie on. Chairs will be available for those who aren’t comfortable lying on the floor. Wear loose clothing. Being relaxed, comfortable and hydrated is key to absorbing the sound frequencies.
Admission is $20 at the door.
Unity of Venice

125 North Jackson Road



St Petersburg Pride Celebration
June 23 -24
This weekend St. Petersburg celebrate PRIDE with the largest Pride event in all of Florida and the only nighttime parade.  For full details go to:
Sacred Ground
SunCoast Cathedral MCC is sacred ground. We are a welcoming sanctuary of God’s grace, love and peace. Please remember that no one’s personal information can be shared without that person’s permission. Please do not discuss relationship status, who attends SCC MCC and with whom they attend our church. We at SunCoast Cathedral MCC must always provide a safe environment for all people.
Thank you
SunCoast Cathedral MCC


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